Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The storm

WALT: Write a peace of writing about the storm

“Crash!”a tree slammed on the black, soaking road blocking car’s from driving through.It poored down with raindrops and leave’s scattered across the street’s.

“Rumble rumble!” growled Mr thunder I answered him in a squeaky voice like a mouse saying “ sorry Mr thunder ” .I suddenly squeezed tightly under my blanket like a tornado pulling thing’s in and releasing them again.

My frozen nose was running like the continuously falling rain. Suddenly a massive, brown totara tree fell straight on top of our house breaking our window and slicing my brother.


  1. Chanelle could you find another way to publish this, to make it easier to read?

  2. I love your blog chanelle can you teach me how to put a movie on my blog mine is