Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to make a sock puppet.

WALT: To make a sock puppet and write about it.

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How do you make a sock puppet?

Have you ever wondered how you make a sock puppet?

Sock puppets are really fun and cute. So you should try and make one.

Firstly you measure the felt for your puppet.

Secondly you fold the felt and cut it into the shape you want it to be.

Thirdly you put the felt into the sock and safety pin it.

Fourthly you sew it until you can’t see any holes.

Fifthly you decorate it and wear.

lastly you rock it out on your hand.

In conclusion that's how you make a sock puppet.


  1. You did really well using the guide to write a piece of explanation writing, well done! If it was me I would not use the words "fourthly" and "fifthly". Instead I would use the word "then" and use my skill of varying sentence structure to join some sentences together to add variety for the reader.

    1. That's all good I will remember that next time I write some explanation writing.Can you give me some advice on my other work to.

  2. Write a sentence linking the cause and effect to show you can use feedback to achieve your next step. Post it here in your comments for evidence.

    1. When you pin it make sure that it is secured to the sock because when you sew it will slide around and be uneven.