Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Monument hill

WALT: describe monument hill

Wow! I remember when Miss Nicola took us up to Monument hill ,there was luscious greenery around us, humongous hills and  lovely views. Nothing to stop us from adoring it.

My class and I started to wander deep down into the native bush in excitement.
We ran in circles, staring at flax, trees, rocks and other greenery. We all sat down gazing at the scenery around us.Little dashes of clouds looked like white houses around the town.

We all sat down and ate around the isolated picnic table telling jokes to each other. Then we all sadly dawdled down the humongous Monument hill while the trees drooped as we leafed.


  1. Luscious is such a wonderful adjective! If it was mine I would try to add an adverb to make your description move vivid and powerful.

  2. Kia toa! Add some personification too!

  3. Hi chanelle I think you need to change wander to wonder

  4. Hi Chanelle, I loved your descriptive writing. I remember when I was up on Monument Hill, the view was beautiful. I loved all the great adjectives that really top it off. You really did well on describing Monument Hill. I think you should check your spelling next time.

  5. I really like your choice of words,you are great at expressing the feeling of being there